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    Post Interior attacks vs. Exterior attacks--for a research paper..Please Help!!

    I am a vounteer of two years at Accokeek in Prince George's Co. Md. I am in college now and need any thought on interior vs. exterior attack methods. I am looking for different views on the PROS and CONS of both attacks. I am just looking for ideas and views for my paper. Maybe I could even interview someone over e-mail on their specific views as a resource. I am looking forward to some different ideas and ways people look at this topic. Thank you all.

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    FF McDonald
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    What exactly are you looking for-- thoughts as to which type of attack to use and when???

    Please provide more info--


    The opinions presented here are my own, and not those of any organization that I belong to.

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    Are you looking for when you should do one as opposed to another? Or how you do ext. or Int.?

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    Try the Learning Resource Center at the US Fire Administration. If you give them your topic, they will do a database search that will provide you with the titles of pertinent articles, other papers, and other sources of information. If they have any articles on hand, they'll send you copies if requested. They'll also send you any books through the interlibrary loan system to your university or even your local library. You should find all the info you need to contact them at http://www.usfa.fema.gov/lrc/

    I used them as a resource for some of my research papers, and found them to be an excellent resource.

    I'm sure you can count on any of us to help you when you need it. Good luck on your studies!

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    I beleive an interior attack is warranted anytime it can be done safely.

    Life is our first priority, property conservation is a side job.

    It is impossible to do a search from a window, therefore since we are there to save lives, interior attacks are always warranted unless FF safety is comprimised.

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    Life Safety
    Incident Stabilization
    Property Conservation

    Those are the "ABCs" of Fire Suppression. I am a beleiver in agressiveness for fire suppression. Sometimes an aggressive interior attack is the "best" way to achieve one or all of the above. However, it does take exerience and good common sense to know when to walk away, back out or whatever and go defensive. That experience is gained through training and actual fire scenarios. The common sense we can not help you with.

    Summary....Go aggressive interior attack whenever it can be accomplished effectively and most of all safely!

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    I'm with Capt Stan... 9 times out of 10, unless you want to be there all day and night, you have to aggressively go after the seat of the fire. In my opinion though, that would also include knowing when to get ahead of the fire and cut it off... as in an apt complex or multi-taxpayer. [Those 2 apts/stores are lost, get in the 3rd(next) one and start there... or end up chasing it down the block until you have an exterior-defensive attack]

    This is kind of a wide open subject. Are you looking for 'methods' of these attacks, i.e. which lines to pull when, how/when to get water supply, etc... or when/why to make each attack?
    I'd be happy to assist if I can, you can get email addy off top line of this post.

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    I would like to say thanks to the replies so far.... If anyone could tell me about some of the flow rates on different lines and also wagon-pipe/ladder-pipe operations and things. I am just look for different things to throw into my paper. Thank you all again.

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