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    Question 5" manifold... Input on...

    This may sound a little dumb, but any input is greatly appreciated. On our 5" manifold is the relief valve. The relief valve measures 2 3/4" x 2 1/4". The relief valve "relieves itself" right on the pump operators feet. If we turn the manifold (45 degrees either way), it does not help, due to water hitting either the cab and splashing back, or the diamond plate doing the same. I have seen rubber hose extensions etc, but I do not want to hinder the 1 3/4" trash line located just below the manifold.

    Anyone ever encounter this, and what is the best solution to control this water beast???

    Thanks and Be Safe!!!!

    : )

    John Williams

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    Assuming that you are talking about the intake manifold mounted on the pump intake, this is what we do. The LDH intake with the pressure relief is mounted on the right side of the engine. Therefore if the relief opens and or the line blows, it is away from the pump operator. The left side,or pump side of the engine is set up for drafting and has a 6" storz adapter to match our flex suction lines. Like wise, our LDH discharges are the right side discharges. This keeps the pump operator from having to straddle or work around a big line. It's safer also if a line ever does let go.

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    I would not have the LDH relief attached to the pump panel side intake. A solution is to run a discharge hose from the relief port, through the pump panel, and then toward the ground. Make sure to use a hose that is large enough to handle the discharge volume.

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    We run a piece of hose off the relief valve and essentially to the pump operator's feet. However, it's long enough so that it can be directed away.

    Never thought of putting the 5" intake on the opposite side of the engine from the pump panel, but I like the idea. I'll have to bring it up to the powers that be.

    Stay Safe.
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