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    Post TIC cameras

    I know there is a thermal imaging camera form but I felt like posting it here. Are dept is looking at two diffrent cameras, one from bullard the other froms scott. both range about the same in price. was wondering what other depts use and pros and cons on the two products.

    Thanks in advance.

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    LT302 Guest


    Make sure you check out the Big, Bad, Bullard Beater...
    The new Evolution 4000 from MSA

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    S. Cook Guest


    We use the Bullard.

    The BST versions of both cameras are just the same camera in a different case.

    Try them both (better yet, try them all) see which one balances better in your hands, which one will work best for you.

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    Animal Guest


    Just the other day I got to play with a couple TICs at a live fire scenario.

    MSA's just didn't sit right with me. I don't know why but it didn't seem to balance right. seemed a bit heavier than the bullard.

    Bullard's was pretty damn good. Big screen, big buttons, and really tough. I banged it around the whole day and it just kept on tickin'.

    Both performed very well. Just my personal preference is for the bullard.

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    sarg226 Guest


    We have an MSA Argus 2. I am sure they have only gotten better-here is what i liked about it.
    1)single button operation
    2)battery only goes in one way
    3)light(it is lighter than the bullard)
    4)optional battery pack that can be filled with AA batteries in addition to the rechargable.
    -the best part is that it is simple to use. No knobs no switches no buttons-single hand operation with one button...turn it on and go.

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