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    Post Lightweight "C" joist construction

    NYC is seeing a huge amount of commercial to residential renovations. The latest material being used is lightweight steel "C" joist framing and poured concrete floors and roofs. The between floor voids are upwards of 24", insulation is combustible extruded foam, and there doesn't seem to be any two construction methods the same.
    Has anyone out there had a fire in this type of building and if so, how did the building react?

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    Welcome to every non-big city firefighter's nightmare! The construction boom has plastered our area with this kind of cheap, quick building construction. If you don't need to go in stay out and be extremely careful on the roof, they don't last long at all sometimes only a few minutes. That void space will cause the fire to take off. What we try to do is check out all the new construction in the area as it is going up, just to get somewhat of an idea of the construction. Be safe out there.

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    Is there anypace we can see pictures of this style of construction? Maybe I'm just lucky, I haven't seen any of it, yet.

    There are several new homes being built in my area using light weight steel framing instead of wood. Knock on wood, we haven't had a fire in one yet....

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