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    Post Fires involving loaded firearms

    Looking for information from anyone with Past Military Experience, or Anyone who has been involved with or has information on what happens when loaded firearms are exposed to enough fire they start to discharge. When a mattress is involved in a fire and there is a gun between the mattress and box spring, a loaded gun under the seat of a burning car, stuff like that. Anyone have any information? I'd like to hear from you.
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    I served in the Marine Corps for six years, and I am an avid gun owner. There is a potential problem if there is a round in the chamber, but other than that round that is in the chamber-- there isn't a tremendous amount of danger from the remaining rounds.

    Don't get me wrong-- there is still a very dangerous situation--- but the remaining rounds-- when they 'cook off' won't be coming down the barrel of the weapon.

    The weapons chamber channels all of the explosive energy of the round -- and forces the bullet down the barrel.

    In a fire situation, the rounds/bullets may be heated to the point that they explode-- however-- they don't have the weapons chamber- and the barrel to direct the projectile. There is a danger from the schrapnel that is generated when the rounds explode.

    If the weapons are stored in a weapons safe-- or the rounds are kept in an ammunition container-- similar to those found at your local Army/Navy store-- then there is little danger posed from the ammunition. The rounds cooking off in the container will seriously deform the container-- but they won't break through the metal of the container.

    hope this information helps....


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    We may want to keep all replies on the other thread instead of having two going at once and someone missing something.

    Suggestion: Reply only on the other thread, which is longer. http://www.firehouse.com/interactive...ML/001161.html

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    I Posted this question in a few different forums, and it has been suggested to try to keep only one thread active, and I agree. To reply to this, please go to:

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