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    Question Brush/Grass Fires

    How many Departments use Class A Foam on Brush/Grass Fires? Our Department uses .3 or .6% on most fires, sometimes going to 1% for more coverage on heavyer Brush or Grass.
    Our Department is the only one in the County to have Foam Units on our Brush/Grass Trucks so we are usually called by the other 3 Departments when they can't handle a good size fire.

    Hank Salzmann

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    Almost everyone in Southeast Washington has something that puts out foam for wildland, anyone who does not is working way to hard to get the job done. Many in the area (TriCities) use a device called a Blizzard, it works great and seems to be firefighter proof.


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    What is the " Blizzard?"


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    A Blizzard is a proportioning device that feeds foam solution into the water system after the water comes out of the pump. It works on the ventura principle. It has 5 settings A,B,C,D,E. "A" being the3 least amount and "E" being the most. Most calls we seem to run it in the "B" range but occasion we will increase the foam going in and increase the air with an aspirating nozzle to create a longer lasting sticky(sort of) foam. Hope this info helps. Don


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    We use foam. Even the Indian Tanks get a syringe shot of foam when being filled!

    B.F. (before foam...) we used to always sweep a fire line around the burn...now we usually just leave a nice white band around it.

    The two major situations we still make a fire line is 1) out of hose reach or 2) extremely, extremely dry situations the fire may continue to burrow under the duff.

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    I agree with the foam on wildland /brush fires. Recently we had some foam go out of date so to say that is when we started using it directly in our brush truck tank. We have a 250 gal. poly tank on a Dodge pickup truck and this has worked for us extremely well.

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    Thumbs up

    my dept has been using class a foam for years here in the piny woods of southeast texas it realy works great for thick pine straw or heavy brush even more important for protecting structures. for g/w fires it is the way to go.

    stay low and go!

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    Hey kevlar,

    What part of SE Texas are you from?

    What does m.a.t. stand for?

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