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    Cool High rise pack lays

    I was just wondering how you pack your high rise packs. We use the Milwaukie strap type pack, and was looking into a new way of packing it for deployment. We don't have many high rises, and would mostly use it for warehouse fires, where preconnects can not reach. Thanks in advance.

    Be safe everyone!

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    My department has deleloped a pack that has been so well received that we now use it for our skids and preconnects.

    We started with the AMERIFLOW STANDPIPE HOSE PACK, available from Iowa American, The pack holds 150' of 1.75" hose with an Elkhart chief 175GPM @ 75 psi break-apart nozzle backed with a 15/16 ss. The hose is packed accordian style. When half of the hose is loaded we place a loop in one end then start a second row, finishing with the nozzle opposite the loop. We also carry a highrise bag that carries a wye and a 10' section of 2.5" hose, and various tools.

    The pack is simple to deploy and almost fireman proof on the ground. we point the nozzzle end of the pack at the fire then release the velcro and grab the loop walking away from the fire. The hose is now flaked out and ready to go. If accidently charged prior to flaking out the hose doesn't knot or even kink to badly, and still can be advanced without much trouble.

    The pack worked well enough to replace our reverse horseshoe on our main bed.(this also gave us a second hose pack). The only modification we made was the addition of a fifth velcro strap in the center of the pack.

    Good luck.

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    You might look in the Sept. 2000 issue of Fire Engineering (p. 59). It gives an example that our Co. is going to try. Looks good.


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    The Fire Eng. article is what got me interested in seeing what else is out there. That pack looks functional, but it also looks like the hose would get twisted. I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet. Let me know how it works. Thanks.

    Be safe everyone!

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    I believe the pack you are reffering to is the "Metro-Pack" from the Sept. 2000 issue of Fire Engineering. And it works great, and that is an understaement. We have started using it on our engine and everybody loves it. We tested it in several different scenerios. Two of the reasons I like it are:

    1. It is not necessary to stretch the hose before you charge the line. (which may require moving toward the fire without a charged hose-line.)

    2. It is simple to pack.

    Only thing I could suggest is to mark the hose when you get it packed the size you want to make re-packing easier.

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    We have tried the Metro pack with 1.75 hose in lenghts of 150' and 200'and we were very surprised the pack remained in a circle and deployed without any problems. One option the Fire Chief wants to see if this pack can be intergraded into a pre-connect crosslay with a short section of hose between the connection and the pack. This to provide an advantage for our older apparatus that do not have adquate storage compartments.

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    Our hi-rise bag consist of 150' 1 1/2" hose, 2 1/2" nst to 1 1/2 nst addapter,spanner wreanch and adjustible fog nozzle. We pack the bag flat pack with the nozzle on top for easy deployment.

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