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    Post Squirrel Tail Suctions

    Squirrel tail suctions have been around for years. I have noticed with interest the applications made, for example, by Rattlesnake. Could anyone share with me their ideas, concerns, drawbacks, etc?

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    Hmmm...I may be a little biased

    The only compromise (drawback) we have on our engine is we connected it to the front bumper. This gives us better reach nosed into a water hole...but restricts the flow down to 1400gpm instead of the full 1500gpm. One the rare occassion we need the full flow, a second 30' suction is hooked up right to the pump and that can actually get us into the 1700-1800gpm range.

    http://www.geocities.com/dalmation90...Engine_190.htm http://www.geocities.com/dalmation90...dtechnique.htm

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    we just purchased 12 new rigs 6 eng will have them on the front bumper. excelant for dump tank opps on those narrow roads.

    also more opptions for those ponds and creeks you cant pull next too.

    they are preconnected with a strainer in place, so basicaly you pull up and drop your hard suct in a dump tank and bamm you are moving water in less than 30 sec start to finish and never use tank water.

    not too mention it will help you greatly on your next I.S.O ratingfor your rurel areas.

    like i said we bought 12 new rigs the other 6 are pumper/tankers that have 20' squirl tails mounted on the rear of the truck. unfortuantly we havent gotten them in yet to play with them, but they will be here this week and i will let you know.

    stay safe!!!

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