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    Post Thermal Imaging Camera Training Programs

    My Department has just completed our search for the camera we would like to purchase, as the committee chairman, my next job is to begin building a training program for implementing the unit and establishing SOG's for the unit. Can anyone help either with programs in use or nationally published programs. Thanks

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    Hello All,

    Anyone interested in thermal imaging should make sure to check out the Forum set up for Thermal Imaging under Internet & Technology.
    Make sure you change the "show topics" menu at the top of the page and go back a couple of months to check out some of the earlier posts.

    As far as TI training goes not a lot officially exists. There are no materials from NFPA or IFSTA. The following State facilities have units and in some cases official programs :
    New York
    Texas, A&M
    Texas, Collin County Community College

    I would also recommend the following sites :
    SAFE-IR - www.safe-ir.com
    Bullard - www.thermalimager.com ,see the training section

    If anyone else knows of anyone doing anything with TI training, PLEASE POST IT !
    There a lot of thermal imagers out there but it seems there is very little being done in the way of training. I am very nervous this lack of training is going to cost someone their life, when a thermal imager should be keeping them alive.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

    PS : check out the December 2000 issue of "American Heat", it will cover thermal imaging

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    GReat piece of equipment, however, it is being missused in our area. New firefighters are relying on this equipment and have no idea of basic firefighting tactics. This trend must be reversed.

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