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    mfdE5 Guest

    Question HAZMAT?

    Recently, had following on BC promo test...
    You pull up and have 2 FF not in scba standing at the back of tractor trailor with small vapor cloud inside trailor. (no visible spill or fire) You can see yellow oxidizer placard on trailor. What actions would you take? Would anyone out there lay an 1 3/4" preconnect with lightwater on this?

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    Dalmatian90 Guest


    1. You two firefighters -- Stop. Turn around. Move away and sit down over there till we figure out what's here and if you two now need decon.

    2. Let's grab our handy yellow book...
    (or the online version )
    Looks like we got one of these:
    <img src="" /img>

    So let's see what page 143 in the ERG suggests...
    whole page is at

    Ok, let's isolate it for 100meters around initially. Use the time while setting up the perimeter to determine if we have shipping papers; does it appear anything else in the truck; does it look like we have a growing fire or something else destabilizing the incident further.

    But let's get to the core of the question -- what to do with a small fire.
    · Use water. Do not use dry chemicals or foams. CO2 or Halon® may provide limited control. foams. Seems to me that "light water" is an additive just like foam.
    Lacking specific directions to use a particular agent like lightwater from a competent authority...I'd errr on the side of caution and go with the guide says use plain water.

    Kinda cool scenario. My gut was saying use a little foam to reduce the amount we use (and therefore run-off) till I saw the specific "no foams" line!

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    firehat87 Guest


    I agree with Dalmation about the use of plain water, but I would take it one step further and not "see" if those firemen need decon, I'd go ahead and do it. I'd also take disciplinary action against both of them and their company officer for allowing them in the area of the spill with no SCBA.

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    wannabe-EMT Guest


    I've got to agree with firehat. At least isolate them and do some gross decon while the officer's calling additional resources (HazMat Box) and looking in the little orange book.

    Note, the book states as the number one health concern: "TOXIC; inhalation, ingestion or contact (skin, eyes) with vapors, dusts or substance may cause severe injury, burns, or death."

    So what about that vapor cloud they were standing near? Seems like they need emergency treatment.

    Peace, and stay safe.

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    JBingo18 Guest


    Was go home sick an answer?????
    Cause thats what i'd do.

    NJ/FMBA is good.
    Go NY Yankees!!!!

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    JAB7419 Guest


    LOL JoeBingo!
    The first thing you have to do is check and see if the cops that got there first are on the ground. If they are, set up a perimeter and wait for the Haz-mat specialists to arrive!

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