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    Wink Fire Tactics Class...University of Cincinnati

    I am going to be registering for this course in the upcoming Winter quarter. Has anyone taken this course in the past, and if so, besides the course text, can you recommend any helpful reading material? Thanks.

    --Stay safe, John

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    I loved the course, but the instructor is HARD! I was in Electrical Engineering, taking high level math before finding a real job, firefighting. The coursework in EE was hard, but this was one of the hardest classes I ever took.

    Read Ben's book, learn it, know it and follow it, then you will do well.

    Email if you have any other questions.

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    Hey John
    Is this course available thru correspondance or thru the web? Or is it only offered on-site at UofC?
    Thanks, Brian

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    This class is available either on-site or through Correspondence. The instructor of the course, is also the author of it's text, "Structural Firefighting Tactics". If you drop me an e-mail at pafireman2000@aol.com
    I will give you some furthur info. Thanks!!

    --Stay Safe, and Remember our Fallen Brothers and Sisters.

    John Spanbauer
    Firefighter / EMT-B / Dispatcher

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