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    mfdE5 Guest

    Question strip mall

    BC test question
    you approach strip mall from back and notice back door open. as you arrive around front, you see small fire in restaurant. you have a pool supply place on left and frame shop on right. you have 3 engines and 2 trucks responding. What lines would you lay and where?

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    I would deffinitely argue this question. I do not believe that without such identities as hydrant location, FDC hookup, and the diameter and amount of hose each truck carries, that you can make a sound judgement.

    --Stay Safe, and Remember our Fallen Brothers and Sisters; John

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    mfdE5 Guest


    ok--each engine carries 1000' of 5", 700' of 2 1/2", 300' of 1 3/4 wyed lines, and 2- 1 3/4" preconnects 200' long. There is fdc in rear of structure. Hydrants in commercial areas are normally within 300'.

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    ADSN/WFLD Guest


    1st line to the fire, 2.5" front door lead out to water supply.

    2nd line back the first.

    1st truck forced entry front. pull ceiling to look for fire in **** loft.

    2nd truck roof

    3rd line/ crew search for extension & extinguish what they find.

    just some general thoughts. for better info need to know time of day / occupied. Was the back door left open by the arsonist @ 0300hrs. Do people live in the restaurant. basement?...

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    mfdE5 Guest


    ok more info--

    0630 on sunday morning, no cars in parking story non-combustible construction...sorry no info about back door, just cracked open with very light smoke

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    Thank you. Here's what I would do.

    First Engine in takes FDC, hooks in using Siamese or Stortz fittings, whichever applies.

    Second pumper, reverse from 1st to primary water supply.

    Due to the fact that there is only light smoke visible, lead off pupmer with 2 1 3/4" handlines. (Attack and Backup)

    1st Due truck, takes the address, ladders roof and ascends for attempting ventilation. (Tactics used, dependant on roof construction)

    3rd Engine, Reverse supply line from truck, stages secondary water supply.

    2nd truck, stages, crew reports to scene to opperate as FAST team.

    Crew from third Engine is split up to two bravo and charlie teams, checking for extension in adjacent exposures.

    --Fire knocked down at 06:45 hrs.

    --Stay Safe, and Remember our Fallen Brothers and Sisters; John

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    axman Guest


    First Truck in would Attack with one 1 3/4 line

    Second Truck in would Ventilate After laying a supply line

    Third Truck in would search all connected buildings for people and fire extension

    Fourth Truck would be your RIT Team.


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    cherryvale1 Guest


    Agree with last two writers with one exception -- since the back door is open, CALL FOR POLICE ASAP -- this is just the type of thing that makes me wonder -- SET-UP or WHAT!!!!


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    Good catch Cherryvale 1 !!!! I will admit, I missed that one.

    --Stay Safe, and Remember our Fallen Brothers and Sisters.

    John Spanbauer
    Firefighter / EMT-B / Dispatcher

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    CDF Guest


    ADSN hit the nail on the head.
    Axman needs to learn the difference between an engine and a truck.
    Promotional tests questions make for an interesting topic.

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    Brian Johnson Guest


    First: A very cautious approach via the back entrance with a 1 3/4" line.
    Second: These strip malls spread like a son of a gun so I would send lines into both adjoining occupancies and pull the ceilings.

    If the fire was of any significant size when I pulled up my second would become my first. Like I said these things spread real fast. Better to write off the primary fire area and try to save the adjoining occupancies than to lose the whole strip!

    Brian Johnson
    Assistant Chief
    Okinawa, Japan

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    FitzBFDT2 Guest


    Use of a 2 1/2" line is mandatory at this fire, it is a commercial structure with a large open area. Remember, the construction is non combustible which means you have open web bar joists. You want to have the reach(50' to 100') and penetration of using a 2 1/2" line.

    Second line should be of = size to the first, another 2 1/2" to back up E1.

    Third line should go to the most severe exposure, which is the Pool Supply store. If fire gets into this store, it could become a potential nightmare(Hazardous Materials Incident).

    First Truck Company does the search of the fire building and also vents it using PPV. Putting a company on the roof is going to be touchy due to the fact that open web bar joists have been known to fail in 5 to 10 minutes. If you are going to put someone on the roof, they must position themselves 20' to 30' away from where the probable location of the fire is.(Reason for this is you may cut the hole and be between 2 bar joists and actually fall in the hole.)

    Truck Co. 2 goes into the Pool Supply store and pulls the ceilings for E3.

    Everyone maintains contact with command and reports progress or changing conditions.

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry,
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    ME93 Guest


    Well hopefully I would have a preplan to look at en route. When E1 arrives they should lay out to the FDC and hook up to the siamese to support the sprinkler. Have an investigator started due to suspicious door open. Have E2 lay out from another hydrant (assuming since it is a strip mall they should only be 300' apart) have chauffer check hydrant pressure to make sure not on a dead end main, attack fire from front with 1 2 1/2 attack line with a smooth bore nozzle. Have the first truck co. spot the fire wall from our preplan and set up the stick. Have E2 supply the truck if enough pressure. Have E3 crew pull 2nd line off E1 for adjacent stores. Have E3 stage on another hydrant. 2nd truck set up in case fire gets past 1st truck co. and also assist with either ventilation or suppression. If need do a trench cut depending on roof type. Call for an additional engine co. for RIT. If building has no fire walls in **** loft use additional co. for pulling ceiling and checking extension. If have use thermal imaging cameras. OK I'm all typed out. I'm sure I forgot something.

    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Local 416

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    firehat87 Guest


    E-1 pressurizes the FDC on tank water and stretches a 200 foot 1.75 inch line in that back door
    E-2 lays to them and stretches a back up 200 foot 1.75 inch line and makes a primary search
    E-3 team splits up and makes entry into exposures to check extension with 1.75 inch wyed lines; their pumper stands by a hydrant
    L-1 horizontally ventillates
    L-2 assists E-3 or stands by as RIT team, depending on reports from E-3 about extension; if E-3 needed assistance, I would call for two taps, one engine and one ladder and have E-3 lay that second 5"

    In Omnia Paratus

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    51Truck_K Guest


    I'll agree with the Brother from Bayonne, anyone taking less than a duece an'a half off the "little Firetruck" is not familliar with the construction, nor the behavior of fire in a TAXPAYER.

    I'm not gonna get into all the details, but the first due truck shouldl definitly get in there and open the ceilings up, keep the fire from getting into the cockloft! If it is in there, special call some more Tower Ladders, and enjoy the show.

    In a fire in a taxpayer, there is far too much work to to be done to allow members on the first alarm to act as the FAST team, special call someone for that

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    STATION2 Guest


    1st Due Engine Co.: Tank water in the back door with pre-connected 1 3/4" or 2" and hit the FDC

    2nd Due Engine Co.: Lay supply line to 1st due and stretch 2nd pre-connect to interior of resteraunt.

    3rd Due Engine Co.: To the rear and into the exposures to check extention.

    1st Due Truck Co.: Inside the resteraunt to open up and to the roof.

    2nd Due Truck Co.: To the exposure occupancies to open up for the 3rd due Engine Co.

    Be safe.


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    oz10engine Guest


    The question is what lines would you lay and where, not what are the truck cos. going to do. Keep it simple. We have a small fire visible from the front with light smoke. Have the 1st engine lay a 5" supply line to the front of the building and lead off with 1 1-3/4", Have the 2nd engine do the same in the rear. 3rd engine stand by at 1st dues hydrant and the crew report to the 1st due engine incase another attack line needs to be deployed.

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