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    Question ventilation

    I have a basic question about the venting equipment used by other departments. what type of vent saws do you use for residential structures. I have used cutter's edge and the tempest vent saw. does anyone use a typical chain saw with a carbide tip blade? if so, do they hold up well? is there certain specs to look for in a typical saw they should be adhered to? how about circular saws for residential venting? Pros or cons on these would be appreciated. thanks,

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    TXFIRE6 Guest


    Echo "quick-vent" chainsaws with carbide blades are used on residential structure fires. They are light, easy to control, and the angle of the blade allows for rapid cuts without worry of cutting through the rafters. We don't use circualr saws for much of anything anymore.Although some commercial structures warrant their use. But for residential fires, stick with the chainsaws. Some of the circular saws are large, bulky, and difficult to control("jumpy").Also with chain saws you can stop the blade immediately if you have to.

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    axman Guest


    Has anyone tried a cordless reciprocating saw
    for roof ventilation? I prefer a good old ax for roof operations over a bulky chain saw!


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    We use a plain old Craftsman 16" chainsaw with commercial blades (we carry at least 1 spare with each saw). For the price of one Cutter's Edge (or similar) " fire service" saw, we can get 6 or 7 Craftsmans -- and put them on all the apparatus. I like them because of the light weight and easy handling, especially when working from a ladder.

    We also have circular saws for metal cutting -- use a special all purpose blade (Dyna Blade) on them. It goes through burglar bars and sheet metal like a hot knife through butter. We went to a 5 alarm commercial fire a couple of nights ago and used our XL-98 to cut several doors open and about a half dozen holes on the building.

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    51Truck_K Guest


    I disagree about the Echo Quick vent, we got some, and chewed 'em up. We found that due to the angle of the blade, members used to using normal chainsaw type saws, the chains became permanantly dull/broken/A.F.U. We still have one in service, but put a Cutter's Edge chain on it. It looks real good sitting on the truck, it hasn't seen daylight in years! I like the Cutter's Edge,and the Partner K-1200 (with the Warthog Blade of course, try it, it is MEAN).

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