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    Question Pyrocool or Micro-Blaze Out?

    Has anyone had any experience with Pyrocool or Micro-Blaze Out??

    From what I have read, both seem like a very versatile type of foam.

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    We used to use Micro-Blaze as an emulsifier for fuel spill clean up & wash downs. We've since switched to Topsall due to cost.

    Recently saw the Pyrocool video and heard the sales pitch -- impressive...a little too impressive! The first thought that came to mind was bullsh*t. They seemed to leave out a few details when comparing Pyrocool to other products. It would be interesting to actually be present for one of their "test/demonstrations".

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    In reference to your questions about Pyrocool, the FDNY recently had the opportunity to test it at an overturned gasoline truck. The results and more info are in the 4th edition of the 2000, WNYF, which is the official training publication of the FDNY. Any questions e-mail me, i will try to get you a copy!

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