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    Question Positive Pressure Fans

    I am gathering information for my volunteer fire dept regarding positive pressure fans. Can anyone give manufacturer recomendations and/or what features we may want to consider when we purchase one?

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    Aerial 131
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    Be sure and get one that is a one person operation. Most of this size are around 23,000 cfm. Anything bigger is getting into needing 2 people to mo9ve it typically 35,000 cfm.

    Also get one with KISS controls, stay basic, adequate fuel and ease of refueling.

    I can not remember what the brand name is that we have, my Aerial has one with the wood prop not metal pushes more air.

    Don Zimmerman

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    We use a tempest with a honda motor and we have been extremely happy with it. I would get the biggest ppv you can carry and afford. It depends on your manning, compartment space available and budget. In this case it seems the old adage that you get what you pay for seems to hold true.

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    Paul Grimwood
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    The size of the fan or blade is not at all related to the airflow through a structure. You can achieve a much bigger movement of air through a structure using a 'turbo' styles design. I have visited the innovative PPV research project based at University of Le Havre (France)where they demonstrate this concept.......smaller fan.....larger airflow! It all depends on the way the blades are set and how thet are shaped etc. You can purchase fans of this design in USA from Groupe-Leader @ www.groupe-leader.fr


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    Try a Ventry----- they are the best I have used.

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    We have one on each engine and the rescue. Range in size from 18" to 24", plus a trailer mounted 48".

    Make sure you get one with a collapsable handle and wheels.

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