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    Just a quick question to settle a discussion. You roll up on a job. The fire building is a single family, wood frame with 2 floors (occupied) and an attic (unoccupied). Is it a 2 story or a 2 and a half story???

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    I would call it a 2 and half story and start fighting the fire...if we argue about building size, it will be a cellar hole!

    Firefighters: rising under adverse conditions to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    MetalMedic Guest


    So does that make your typical ranch a 1 1/2 story? I agree that it is trivial in the big picture to argue over a half a story, but I always felt a half story was where you had dormers in the attic that could indicate an additional occupied level of the structure.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Les.H Guest

    Thumbs up

    I would call it a two story construction, as most of ours is in the UK, with a roof space. If it was occupied then it would be a 3 floor construction. We don't do things by halves.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    Mr.Meaner Guest


    If I was the officer aboard the first arriving unit my department SOP would require me to report it as 2 1/2.

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    JBingo18 Guest


    Nothing in our SOP's differentiate the difference between a (2)story vs. (2.5)story or a (1)story vs. (1.5)story.
    But generally a dormer would indicate a half.
    So a ranch with a dormer would be a (1.5)story vs. a ranch without a dormer would be a (1)story.
    Although in reality who cares.......
    See Ya...

    NJ/FMBA is good.
    Go NY Yankees!!!!

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    RJE Guest


    Back home, dormers were rare (just due to construction styles) so everything was 1, 2 or 3, no 1/2s of anything.

    Here in Tulsa they use the "and a half" terminology. Some neighborhoods (either really old or fairly new) they mean w/a finished attic, but with less square footage than the main floor - as in dormers. In my neighborhood, though, they mean 1/2 a floor. Lots of houses on 50' x 100' lots. No room to add on (or lose your back yard), so many houses have had a second floor added over the bedrooms (typically turning a 2bed/1bath into a 4/2, or a 3/1 into a 5/2). They look really funny, since the roofline looks like a narrow lot ranch (runs back instead of across) but there's this block sticking up behind it!

    They really are one and a half stories. Living, dining and kitchen (front half) is 1 story, back half is 2 story, w/bedrooms over bedrooms.

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