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    Cool Columbus Division of Fire Hi-Rise Drill

    Looking to get good info from anyone attending the Hi-rise drill in Columbus.

    Nozzles used...
    Hose size.....
    ect,ect... THANKS


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    This was E-mailed to me by a friend that was at the drill.

    The primary training done in Columbus that we watched was with 2 1/2" hose and 1 1/8th smooth bores.....however they did have one crew that used 1 1/2 hose with a SM10 fog nozzle.

    Numerous evolutions were done with the Vindicator both on 1 3/4 hose and 2 1/2. If fact, one drill the Blitz Attack Vindicator was used and provided 350-gpm to the fire floor and total suppression in less than 3 seconds. The nozzleman was a Captain from the Houston Fire department.
    Most of the flow rates observed with flowmeters attached to the riser reflected 190-220gpm while using the 2 1/2 with a smooth bore and 120-150gpm with the 1 3/4" hose and a max flow of 70-gpm with the 1 1/2 hose. After the low flow of 70gpm was observed we put a Heavy Attack Vindicator on the same line and provided them with 170-gpm at the same engine pressure.
    Just thought I would pass this on...

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    It has been intresting to say the least to listen to the talk about the Vindicator nozzle on the forums in the past few months. It sounds like this nozzle is working. I for one will be checking it out in LA City. I guess seeing is believing.

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