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    hazmat961 Guest

    Question Coat closure

    I am going to be ordering a set of gear for myself sometime in the future, I am thinking of getting either the "Chicago Closure" or the standard, hook&dee's outside with velcro inside. What are your opinions on these types of closures? Also do different manufactures measure thier coat lengths differently? My issue coat is 32' and comes down to 3' above my leg pockets. The 32' coats i've been looking at from Janesville come down to what looks like about mid-pocket. Am I seeing this wrong or not?

    Hazmat 961

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    Smoke_N_Flames Guest


    Have you considered Fire-Dex gear? The coat has a heavy duty zipper and velco storm flap.
    Make sure you by the whole set because its a short coat and the pants come up to the middle of you back...very comfortable.

    Good luck and be safe

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    hazmat961 Guest


    Smoke_N_Flames, actually my issue gear is Fire-Dex PBI Assult Gear and I love it. The only thing I don't like is the zipper. Since I started in the fire service, 5 years ago, the only closure I've had untill now was the hook & dee's and I like them alot better. Honestly, I RARELY use my zipper.

    Hazmat 961

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    benson911 Guest


    All of the coat and pant measurements need to be fit to you personally. A 32" coat will not reach the waistband of pants on a 6'6" FF, but it will be too long on a 5' FF.

    You must be measured to be fitted properly with turnout gear. Also, the pocket position on the pants will determine where your coat falls as compared to those pockets.

    As far as closures: I've had hooks and dees, zippers and velcro. The potential for failure or tearing of the zipper stitching at the bottom made our turnout gear committee recommend the "Chicago" closure to have hooks and dees, but cover them with the storm/velcro flap. Thus, the hooks and dees shouldn't hang up on something while you crawl or work on a ladder.

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    N2DFire Guest


    I guess it's like everything else - what ever suits you best.

    I got my first set of zipper/velcro gear in '96 after using the old snap/hook & dee style for 3 years. Personally I'll never have a snap hook on my coat again (unless it's a flashlight clip). I have never had a failure of the coat closure (structural or functional) in all the time I've had my current gear.

    Like I said before - it's what ever you are most comfortable AND safest with. If you like Hook & Dee then order Hook & Dee.

    Without getting into a Brand/Mfg. war - I will mention that my gear is Globe & it was custom fitted at the time of purchase.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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