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    Post Cordless Recip Saw

    I saw in a post that someone mentioned a cordless recip saw for roof ventilation. Does anyone have comments/experience?

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    We have used the cordless cip saw several times for ventilation, the first time was to see if it would work, it worked fine, so the next time we needed to vent we kept the option open, as luck would have it, our chainsaw broke, so we grabbed the cip saw and made a quick louver cut.

    I like the two main advantages of the cip saw, first is the light weight, second is the ability to use the tool with one hand, leaving your other hand to hold the roof ladder, or to balance yourself.

    Hope this helps.

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    We have a battery operated one on our truck. We have used it to check for extension at fires that a chain vent would not have fit in the space. Great and useful piece of equipment.

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    never heard of that idea. we have a dewalt cordless that we use for extrication. cutting posts, roofs, windshield. we have 3 saws for vents..ill bring that idea up to my officers though..

    Chris Kerrigan
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    We've used ours to check for extension and auto extricatipon work. Doing these types of op's we've found that the battery life is usually in the 10-15 minute range.

    Don't really like the idea of using it for a priority operation like venting.

    Only my .02 worth.


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    We have a Milwaukee. It works great for venting, but the battery life sucks.
    We use the Bannana Blades and they work great, They have teeth on the upper and lower part of the blade, only problem is they only make a wood blade right now.


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    Look at the Dewalt 24V cordless with the Nomad battery belt. A bad boy. Be safe.


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