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    Post MVA Policy - What's yours say?

    I'm looking for some ideas of what other departments' policy is for response to MVA's.
    When an accident is reported to 911, who is notified first, police, EMS, or FD? What is the standard protocol for responding units for each agency? ie. 1 Ambulance, 1 Engine, Rescue, automatically.
    For those who are legal eagles, I'd like to know the liabilities for each agency? What if nothing is dispatched until PD is on the scene and they request EMS, FD, etc.? Or what if standard dispatch is PD and EMS with no FD, what liability comes back on the FD if something was to happen that could have been prevented if an engine was on the scene. Please let me know your ideas.

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    My community has a public safety dispatch center...the police and fire dispatchers work side by side and most of them are cross trained for both positions. Notification of fire, police and EMS happen simultaneously.

    My Department's dispatch protocol is to send the nearest Engine company, the Rescue and a BLS unit. The Police usually dispatch two cruisers to the scene. The first arriving units can upgrade the assignment based on the severity of the call (multiple vehicles, severe injuries, MCI, etc.)

    In this litigation happy world, it's safer to roll the troops...if they are not needed, the can be returned to quarters. If you do need them, they can be there within minutes...time is life!

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    Captain Gonzo

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    We're dispatched by a regional fire dispatch which is also the 911 PSAP for 11 of the 12 towns covered.

    So the fire dispatchers take the call, do the initial questions, and if the caller(s) do not indicate injury or hazards like wires down, transfer the call to the State Police.

    Injuries, unusual hazards, etc get fire & ambulance response automatically.

    The police, of course, can call back for fire & ambulance if they discover injuries or hazards, though sometimes the State Police dispatcher seems to complete all the accident paperwork before telling the fire dispatcher about the request!

    We have 4 large regional dispatches in our area -- one is fire only, two are fire dispatches located at State Police barracks (like ours), and one is regional fire/city police with cross trained dispatchers.

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    Being a small rural county - all 911 communications & dispatching is done by the same comm center.

    For an MVA the dispatch center will automatically dispatch 1 Fire Agency & 1 Rescue (Ambulance) Agency and notify the Police Agency having jurisdiction. It is then up to each individual agency which apparatus (and how many) to respond. The only variation to this is if the initial 911 call comes in requesting PD only, or if the officer on scene request FD or Ambulance only.

    As for the SOG's for the FD & RS I run with . . .

    FD responds 1 Engine and the Crash Truck (Rescue Truck) - Here we are "special" in that the Crash Truck is owned/equipped by the Rescue Squad, but due to manpower issues the FD operates the truck & does most of the extrication work. It works out fine for us since about half the people on 1 agency are also members of the other

    Additional units are requested as needed for Landing Zone, Traffic Control, Manpower, etc.

    Rescue Squad typically responds 1 Ambulance unless Pt. count & severity of injuries is know at time of dispatch.

    Basic SOG's are 1 Ambulance for :
    - Each Critical or Entrapped Pt
    - Every 2 Minor Pt's

    So for example a wreck with 2 critical & 3 minor injuries would (hopefully) get 4 Ambulances which with us would require the use of mutual aid. (Other factors such as proximity to the hospital or use of Air Evac would also play a role in the unit count)

    This really isn't as confusing as I probably made it out to be. I guess you could narrow it down to "Take what you think you need based on the dispatch information - if you think you need more than you can supply - request Mutual Aid"

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    First off... our policy refers to MVCs... since the new medical director decided that they weren't all "accidents."

    Our dispatch is a "ditto" of Gonzo's... all happens simultaneously.

    What it sends, besides the PD, is an ambo and an engine. Rescue(w/the jaws) will often respond code 1 to reports out on the highway/interstate, ie-some distance from town. Occasionally, dispatch will take a report from the caller of trapped victims and send Rescue with the initial group; otherwise, they're dependent on first arriving units (PD or FD) to make that call for the jaws.

    Watch yer topknots,

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    We are a rural community with a hevily travelled interstate. Our dispatch is combined with the County Sherriff, 4 E.M.S. agencies, 3 F.D.s, 4 P.D.s and Search and Rescue. All M.V.A.s require a simultaneous notification of the Law Enforcement, F.D., and E.M.S.

    Our area sends 2 F.D. units:
    1 Rescue Truck with Extrication equipment
    1 Fast Attack engine for water support.

    Also responding are 1 E.M.S. unit, and anywhere up to 5 Law enforcement units:
    Usually 1 to 3 County Deputies and 1 or 2
    State Patrol Officers.

    Stay safe and Have fun

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    In our county, we have one center that recieves all 911 calls.

    When they recieve an MVA call the policy is SUPPOSED to be;

    1. Reported injuries, they automatically dispatch the FD/ EMS at the same time and then notify the PD.

    If it's reported as UNKNOWN injuries, there are SUPPOSED to follow the above procedure, HOWEVER, there has been a recent rash of accidents of this type that are referred to the PD and no FD/ EMS dispatch is made. The PD arrives to find serious injuries and even entrapments.


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    Stafford, Texas Fire-Rescue: FD and PD dispatched by Stafford Communications. EMS is county and dispatched by their CO. FD response is 1 Engine Co. and 1 Jaws Unit (Either Rescue Co. or Rescue Engine Co.-based upon location of incident). EMS sends 1 ALS unit. All this goes on report of any injury. If no injury, the same goes for significant mechanism: Roll over, into water, under another vehicle, off bridge, and vehicle vs fixed object. PD sends distict unit and 1 additional unit. Any (FD,EMS and PD) can request AirEvac (Hermann Hospital Life Flight). Be safe.


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