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    Paul Grimwood
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    Red face Gasolene in the Airstream!!!

    I won't mention the manufacturer but I have confirmed information of gasolene being discharged into a burning structure by the air-stream of a PPV fan!!! This was reported as caused by a fault in the fuel system although the unit continued to run whilst discharging neat fuel into the air-flow........If anyone has shared or heard of a similar experience please post it here or e-mail me.


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    If you have "confirmed information", why can you not mention the name of the manufacturer???? I hope no one gets killed becuase of such a flaw...

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    Paul Grimwood
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    The manufacturer is aware of this situation and I would not wish to pre-empt any action they are/should be taking. I am not aware of all related facts in terms of which model in their range is involved and if the problem is likely to be widespread. I would hope they will take any action that is necessary (they have already taken some remedial action here with the users) to prevent this occurrence - but I am wondering if there have been any other similar experiences? Due to the potential legal implications please feel free to e-mail me with any information. If the problem is widespread I am sure this will soon be made known. I have never heard of it happening before and the fans in question have been in use for sometime here in UK.

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