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    ONTFF Guest

    Post hose

    is their anyone using attack lines of mixed diameters or doing anythin different from the "norm", I would like to know what size lines they are, what pressure ya pumpin and what nozzle

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    LadderCapp Guest


    At my dept. we have gone to 2" on all hi-rise packs, and bumper lines. These are used with TFT automatic fog nozzles, and Akron automatic fogs with a tip pressure of 100 psi. Several of my crews have decided to use the hi-rise packs as opposed to cross lays for initial attack at room & content, single family dwelling, and the like type fires. They as well as me like lots of water..

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    P.P. Guest


    We have on one of our pre-connects 50' of 2 1/2" to 150' of 1 3/4" with the Vindicator Heavy Attack nozzle. In doing this we are able to flow 240-gpm @ 150-psi engine pressure.

    Stay Safe!


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    FyredUp Guest


    We have gone to 2 inch as a single size attack hose. We use an Elkhart B-275GAT pistol grip shut off with a slug tip smoothbore of 1 1/4" that has an Elkhart Chief 200 gpm at 75 psi low pressure combo nozzle on it.

    We can underpump the line to flow about 160 gpm at 55 psi on the combo and go up to 200 at 75 if we need it. For a real hard hit we can go to the smoothbore and flow 326 gpm at 50 psi.

    Is this for everyone? NO, but it works for us.

    The only big hise we use for attack is 200' of 3' hooked to a tailboard mounted Stinger, and 300' of 3' hooked to a wye with 100' of 2 inch.

    By the way I do not sell Elkhart or any other brand of fire equipment.

    Take care and stay safe,


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    chiefjay4 Guest


    We use a wide variety of attack hose. We have 3- 1 3/4" lines at 200'(two fog and one smoothbore), one 2" line at 200'(smoothbore), and one 2 1/2" at 200'. We also carry 500' of 3" with a gated wye. The 3" is set up with the female coupling as first off then a double male then the gated wye. We set it up this way so we can use it for three different things. If we need an extra supply we just remove the wye and the double male. If we need to hit a sprinkler connection we just remove the wye. And if we need to make a long attack stretch we use the highrise pack and the gated wye. Works great!

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    BIG PAULIE Guest


    Blitz line
    200'of 2" with flowing 400 gpm with the following aplliances:
    TFT Blitz Fire
    smooth bore tip @80 psi NP
    smooth bore tip @ 115 psiNP
    POK 400 gpm combo nozzle
    Vindicator Blitz attack

    same 2" line at the 300 to 350 gpm range
    TFT 350 gpm
    Elkhart auto I think 325 gpm
    1-1/4" smooth bore at 50 psi NP 325gpm
    Vindicator Blitz attack

    200' of 2-1/2" or 3" at 500 gpm
    TFT Blitz Fire
    Vindicator Blitz Attack
    Big Paulie with a 1-3/8" tip at 80 psi NP
    Big Paulie with a 1-1/4" tip @ 115 psi NP
    Big Paulie with a automatic master stream
    Portable monitor

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