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    Post ‘Quint’essential Questions


    I’d like to pose some questions for discussion. My volunteer department recently took delivery of a 6-person cab, 95’ platform with 2,000gpm pump, 800’ of 5”, and a 400-gallon water tank. This truck replaces an older “dry” 100’ aerial. We also have:
    3 - 1250-1500gpm class A pumpers, with 1,000-gallon tanks (all seating 5-6 people).
    1 – Heavy Rescue

    My first question is…
    If you had 6 people at the station, and were dispatched to a possible residential fire, which truck would roll first and why? Is it reasonable to split these 6 people between an engine and the quint so that both can respond at once?

    For those that might say the quint should respond, what is its role on scene? Is it a truck company, an engine company, or do you split 6 people in two different directions to perform both duties at once?

    Admittedly, we should have some type of guidelines and procedures in place already, but the arrival of the new ‘wet’ ladder truck is causing some confusion. The good thing is that we are looking to clarify and standardize our responses and on-scene operations.

    All thought and input would be highly valued and appreciated.

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    First off let's get rid of the term Quint, I believe that term alone starts all the confusion. What you got there is an honest to goodness Tower Ladder....with a pump.

    As far as the job, depends. If you know your town/city/ghetto, you should be familiar with certian addresses, or at least areas..are you taking in a job in the area where aplatform will be needed..I mean for height, we all know you need a Truck at all fires! If it is a fire in a one or two story dwelling, then it is up to the Officer in Command. Why not use the truck as the first due? See what it's got...Learn....

    But if it is a 3 story or greater, OR a taxpayer..THE ADDRESS BELONGS TO THE TRUCK COMPANY...Let them leave the House first, that way they pick the spot to set up..

    The bottom line is you can argue this to death, but you will never know until you do it several different ways...In five years, if you can honestly ask the same question..sell the truck and geta dry Tower.

    Just my opinion....and it is NOT a Quint!!!

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    Take 2 pumpers. You quint does not have enough hose or water. If you are a rural dept you need more hose for relaying if you have hydrants and if no plugs the second pumper for shuttles. Judgiing by you profile ,ground ladders on your pumpers are going to be sufficent. for your hose fire the 2 1000 galpumpers should be enough to put it out with out laying feeders..If one pumper brakes down etc you still have second pumper, and water supply. We are a small paid dept with 6 on duty, and unless dispatch gives info otherwise we leave our tower home.There are other exceptions but initialattack and establishing water supply are more important.
    Can we get caught yes, but limited manning ,ya play the odds.

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    Take the Ladder, It has more than enough equipt. to put out a basic room and contents fire. Wrench, I don't know about your truck but we have over 500' of pre-connect, and 1000' of 5 in. on a 100' Sutphen basket with 500 gl. of water,How much water do you need??
    The truck has the ladder to make an effective and safe vertical ventilation faster than it can be done with ground ladders. I will admit in typical window rescue on a single family dwelling a ground ladder is usually faster than a ladder, but if you tie up the front of the scene with two pumpers and things really go to
    sh**, you're ladder is hung out to dry, not close enough to take the attack upstairs when the time comes. Just my humble opinion mind you, but I've been on a forgive the term,"Quint" for the last 6 of my 15 years in service and I'll take the truck every time.

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    In Rochester we run quints and midi's.We have 9 of these and 8 engine co.The quint always takes the front of the house like the truck should.If a quint is first in,the officer and tipman bring in the first line,the driver runs the pump,the man behind the driver raises the ladder to the roof or does horizontal ventalation.The midi driver lays out to a plug,while the shotgun man teams up with the ladderman from the quint.

    Btw our tanks hold 300 gallons and we start flowin water as soon as the line is streched to the fire.So the midi driver has best be quick on makin water.

    We run 3 co.a quint/midi and 2 engines or 2 quint/midi and 1 engine.Yes most would like truck and engine co.'s but we make this work and some know no other way.

    Now if the quint is 2nd or 3rd in the whole crew will due truck work but the quint gets the front,the engine stops short or pulls past and pulls their attack lines and the midi will feed them water.

    I did not make the rules I just play by them.

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    Now that you have a Quint you need to start treating that apparatus as a Quint. It is not a Truck and it is not an Engine. It is not one or the other or should be treated as such. And, per ISO you can count it as 1 truck and half an Engine or as 1 Engine and half a truck credit.

    In 1995 when we purchased our Quints we had the same questions you do. It literally took 5 years before we figured out how to utilize the Quints. For years we were taught about Engines and Trucks. Now there is Quints. I do not believe there will be a true understanding of the Quint concept until IFSTA decides to make a manual for them. Oh well.

    When we recieved our Quints we just continued to run as an Engine company. I think it was two years before we realized there was an aerial on top that could be used. But, as time went on and we used all the options on the Quint our system of operation changed for the better and we began running as a Quint.

    I recommend you begin training on your new apparatus extensively. By training on the Quint you will learn its abilities and inablilities. Eventually, the answer on how to respond will present itself to you.

    If I had my choice today, and as the operator of a Quint, I would take the Quint. Will this work for you, only you can answer that.

    Take Care, Have fun,


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