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    Question Roof Rescue Training

    I know there out there, but I'm having some trouble tracking down a good Roof Rescue training article and examples. We will be using a Rescue Randy mannequin to simulate a down Firefighter, and a pair of Firefighters will be retrieving him from the roof using only a ground ladder and a roof ladder. I'm looking more for SAFE techniques in bringing the mannequin down, and visual shots of said techniques would be best for the pre-hands on overview. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    How are you planning on getting the "victim" off the roof? In a stokes basket or just a slide down the ladder?

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    Looking for a variety of different ways is the plan.

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    We practice a technique here, im not sure what it is called or where it came from. It takes 2 people. One person needs to get up on the roof to position the victim. The other needs to stand at the top of the ladder in a normal position. The person on the roof with the victim needs to move the victim to the edge of the roof with the legs of the victim hanging over the ladder and the person in a sitting up position. The person on the ladder needs to take the victims legs and put them over their shoulders. Basically the person will have their face in the victims crotch. The top person needs to help get the victim on top of the other rescuer's shoulders. The victim's back needs to rest against the ladder. All the weight of the victim will be resting on the shoulders of the person doing the rescue. All they have to do is go down the ladder like they normally would. Make sure you hold on good and take your time. Another person will need to help once you get to the bottom. This method is best for conscious people, and im not sure if it would even work with someone unconscious. It looks weird and seems odd at first, but with practice is very manageable.

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