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    Question Nozzle choice for Class A CAFS in interior structual

    The department I run with has recently purchased a New Pierce Initial Attack Engine with CAFS and both Class A and Class B foams. Certain people have said that smooth bore nozzles are better than fog nozzles for class A foam in interior structual fire attack. Is this the case? Any studies on this? Does anyone run with departments that have experience with class A Compressed Air Foam Systems? What nozzles do you use? What about the wide fog for protection? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    You will get the best stream of foam with the smooth bore nozzles. However you can get an effective stream with traditional combination nozzles as well. You don't HAVE to get shaving cream to use the CAFS effectively. You will get a "wetter" foam from your fog type nozzle, which may not be a bad thing in a structure fire. In fact there have been several posts in the last couple months regarding similar subjects.

    We just put a TFT Mid-force nozzle with a combo tip that removes to leave a short smooth bore tip on our new engine with CAFS. We haven't used this yet except in training, so can't recomend this particular set up totally yet. These type of set ups seem to be common for CAFS, and was what the manufacturer (both of the Foam Pro and Pierce) recomended.

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