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    Just a question, are we comprimising our safety and skills by becoming over confident in the use of class A foam? I like foam as a tool for overhaul, but I still see a trend where fire departments are trying to fight to much fire with not enough water, just becasue they are using foam. To me it makes no scense to fight a fire that requires 250gpm to extinguish and you are using a 95gpm line:with or with out foam. I feel that foam is getting overused, and basic fire ground tactics are being forgotten. Any comments?

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    As you stated class A foam is a added tool in the toolbox. A fire that calls for 250 gpm needs 250 gpm. What happens if you run our of foam during the attack. I would never take a line on an attack that would not flow 200 gpm, when it gets bad I what to have the water.

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    I agree with you in that class a foam is not the "end all, cure all" solution to fighting fire, and that basic techniques still need to be employed on the fireground. That said, it is a very valuable addition to our arsenal of firefighting weapons. We have found that while the use of class A foam does not magically make 250 gallons of water out of 95 gallons it can make the water you use more effective. We use class A foam more and more because it helps us make more efficient attacks. To sum up I think that overestimating the capabilities of class A foam is as dangerous as overestimating the capabilities of any piece of equipment. And underestimating the capabilities of equipment is a finacially foolish thing.
    The whole problem can be resolved only by training.

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    If the fire needs 250gpms, the only way u are gonna contain his fire is with 250gpm. Its gpm vs btu. Thats the name of the game. But once that fire is out and under control, salvage and overhaul is complete, and the investigation is done, dont hesitate on dumping a tank of foam on the fire. It is a good way to make sure you wont be making a return for a rekindle.

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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