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    Lightbulb water source book

    I'm looking for input on a water source book for my department to put in each of our engines. Our response area has hydrants, dry hydrants and lake and pond access for drafting. How does everyone lay out there books and pages? What kinda of program do you create yours with (Micro soft word, Wordperfect, etc). If someone has a sample that would be great. Thanks

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    My dept uses the Visio grahics program. It has an endless number of symbols, etc that we use for our street books. These symbols include hydants, ponds, streams, FD connections and so on.

    The program is not hard to learn and we have several of our career and vollies trained to keep our street books current.

    The program allows you to draw your streets/ roads almost as they actually laid out. We then number all intersections and water supply sites with the corresponding street or road address. This makes it easy when your respond to 100 Main St and your water supply is at 200 Main St.

    I'll try to get exactly what version we have and who our vendor is and supply that. We just updated the program Jan this year.


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