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    Post Class "A" Foam

    Am looking for any opinions regarding the use of class A foam (not CAFS) on structural fires. My dept. is looking at adding this resource to our compliment and would like to hear from the folks that have some experience with it. Would like to know how often you use it, where you use it, and associated positives and negatives with it. Also please not what type of department and what type of area you protect (rural/urban). Thanks for any responses.

    Lt. Brian Platz

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    Dalmatian90 Guest


    Light Suburban/Rural area, volunteer department, 25 square miles, 5,500 pop in our 1st due area.

    We flow Class A foam by default, and it's up to the officer in charge to decide to turn it off. Mainly we go to straight water in a situation where the fire is so intense the foam would go up as steam anyways.

    Our practical experience has been fires that used to take 3000+ gallons to knock down and a some more to overhaul are now being knocked down and overhauled by the first in truck (1200 gallon tank) alone.

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    FD111 Guest


    Suburban/Commercial/Light Rural, population of 35,000. We cover approximately 42 sq. miles.
    We use class A foam on just about anything that is burning. It is up to the officer in-charge to turn it off. We have had basically the same results as Dalmation90's department. We have gone from using 3000+ gallons, to anywhere from 150 gallons to 1000 gallons of water to knock the fire down and do overhaul. As far as we are concerned, it is well worth the expenditure.

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    bjlf Guest


    What brand of foam do you use and how is it dispensed( eductor or pump)?

    This would be a great asset at the department I volunteer for.


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