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    Personally I think there is one problem going around the fireground in the fire serive. We are forgetting the basics. Such as safety and survival for example. Firefighters taking off PPE in a fire, for getting how to don a SCBA quickly, ropes and knots and so on. I think a lot of us need to go back and review basics. What do you think? Maybe im the only one seeing this going around. Any opinions welcome.

    p.s. do not bash each other.

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    I also think that the basics are important, not only for the new guy but for the seasoned veteran. As the training officer for the past year I have taught the basics and I have found a general improvement in the way personnel are responding to and putting out fires. I also sense a note of pride when we are somewhere else for a class and guys are talking about training or lack of it and my people pipe up and say "we train every day!And not just class room stuff but throwing ladders and vehicle fires"
    So morale has improved not through any organized attempt at it but through having better trained personnel and those people taking pride in thier knowledge.
    Matthew D. Lutz
    Training Officer
    East Moline Fire Dept.

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