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    Default LDH gated valves relief valve setting

    What pressure setting do you keep the relief valve set on your LDH appliances. Why do you use this setting and how did you arrive at it? We sometimes use LDH to supply a battery of 2 1/2" lines we keep the relief at 90 psi. Pump operator throttles up until relief flows water knowing we have the correct pressure for 200' of 2.5" hose with 1.250 SB nozzle.

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    We simply follow NFPA 1962 and keep the intake valve preset at no more than 10 psi over hydrant residual pressure. We adjust the valve while in use as well. All LDH discharges are preset at 120 psi then adjusted for actual need. We use 300 and 400 psi attack LDH as well. All other devices are preset at nozzle pressure t make sure the device is properly set so it can actually protect the crews. Reliefs certainly do not protect you on a one pressure fits all basis.

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