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    Default High Rise Theory "PPV"

    I would like some input on a theory some in my dept. have about hise rise fires.

    The theory is a well involved floor could be shut off and the floor above it could be pressurized with PPV fans, thus holding the fire on the floor below.

    Do any of you with High Rise experience have any thoughts on this. All of our high rise buildings are modern, but our department has never had a high rise fire. Let me know.

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    Sounds good in theory but:
    1. The exterior of the building is going to be the route of extension. Windows on and above the fire floor are going to give out due to heat stress. You will loose your positive pressure at that time.
    2. This will stop extension from direct flame contact while the pressure holds but there is always conduction and radiant heat to deal with. Spot fires may occur on the floor above due to this.
    3. You are going to be operating above the fire floor while setting up the PPV.

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