Hello I am writing you this question in hopes of getting some feedback for my own Dept. The question was brought up to me in an OPerations Committee Meeting, what should we change in high rise SOP's if anything after what happened in 9-11-01. I would love to hear what other departments are doing with regard to this matter. I am willing to be a sharer of information to anyone who also seeks the same. I have an OPS meeting again next month and would like to bring some new ideas in to beat around and give feedback to anyone who asks. For instance how do we calculate for collapse zones etc....

If you have any questions or would like to get ahold of me, my e-mail address is IrlandVictor@ci.daytona-beach.fl.us or hydrantkatcher@hotmail.com

Like I said before I would love to be able to share any info I have about this subject. I have My highrise SOP's on disk so if anyone wants a copy to comapare feel free to ask.

Thanx FF Victor C. Irland
Daytona Beach Fire Department