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    Post Highway Safety Procedures

    Well we have Interstate 86 running through our district. We have a lot of calls on the highway. We have had some traffic problems being up there and I am wondering if maybe you have any ideas on how to get the public to slow there butts down? I mean just last week we had a car fire and the driver couldn't get the car off the road so it sat half way in the lane. We closed off that portion of the lane. We had a pick up truck with flashing lights sitting in the lane. One car came right up on the bumper! Almost hit it. Sure it might not have been the best set up but he was first on the scene and had to do something I guess. So I decided that next time maybe we will put up signs in the middle of the closed lane and if the signs get hit send them the bill or what?
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    It might also help if you got a police officer or a firefighter with emergency lights on his/her vehicle to park on the shoulder about 200' before the incident and then set up your signs or flares or something in the road so you are gradually shutting down that lane well before the cars get to the actual scene. Good luck and be safe.

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