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    Default Finn Forms for Trench Shoring

    I am looking for a supplier in the Westchester County, NY (just above NY City metro area) that could supply Finn Forms for trench shoring. Presently we uses 3/4" pressure treated plywood which is only rated for Type B soils. We need a lite weight type C trench shield for shoring that is inexpensive and lite weight. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. We presently use Bil-Jax trench shores, a mechanical shore similar to air shores. We hope to purchase air shores in the future when funding becomes available.ART air shores sells the finn form but suggests we find a local distributor of plywood that would carry Finn Forms. Havn't found any yet. We had two trench collapses in our small suburban district, however we were not called as the excavators were afraid of OSHA finding out. It turns out OSHA found out anyway! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Any other FD's i the Westchester County area want to train with us, please email me at TFD141@AOL.com or BenkwittR@ConEd.com
    We also have a confined space/rope rescue team. We are also working on a possible Electric Towers rescue drill with Con Ed in the summer. It's also our 100th anniversary, carnival and parade 7-16-99!

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    For Finnform information, try contacting Rob Gargan (Jim's son) at J & B Eqt. Telephone # 302 323 1330. He should be able to help you or direct ytou to someone who can. I'll try to find out more info. soon.

    Meanwhile, can you provide me with info. about your training programs. We've done "L" trenches, "T"s, pipe entrappments, trench box failures, and yes even a car into a trench. Very interested in hearing from you.

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