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    Default Technical Rescue Webbing Storage - any ideas?

    I am a member of our TRT and am looking for ways ( better ones ) to store our webbing. At the moment our webbing is arranged by lengths velcroed together, and put in a duffel type bag. What a mess !!

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    I am not sure if you store your webbing already tied and/ or daisey chained, but we have been using respirator pouches to keep the different lengths of webbing separate from the others. They can be clearly marked on the top of the flap and they are secured closed by the sewn in velcro on the flap. The pouches are stored in our equipment box and our reponse bags. Rough guess on the size is 4" * 6" * 8". I have seen larger bags that hold full face respirators and SCBA masks. Hope this helps.

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    PTFD21--Sorry we did not see your post sooner..just bumping around the forums and ran across this post..In our dept. we use rubbermaid clear storage bins, various sizes and shapes for all sorts of tech rescue gear, from webbing to 8-plates, gibs, ect ect to wrenches, stinger ropes, pulleys, tools,, The reason we use these is because we can see into the boxes before you pull them off the rescues,,also can be cleaned quickly after bad weather or dirt blow into the bins. We use colored webbing 6 different lengths each a different color, ropes are different colors also for load limits and utility lines vs life lines. Just a quick note on colors,,each engine and truck has a different color code on its equiptment so after an incident the tools and nozzles can be returned to each unit that it came off of, we know that painting or stickons with eng and trk names are good also but we use colored paint in some cases or colored electrical tape in others,,Firefighters seem to not be as confused when colors are used to identify anything...hope this helps,,TASK FORCE 5

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    Speaking of colors, does anyone know of a 'standard' color scheme to represent lengths of webbing? Someone showed me once, but I can't remember what they were. It seems to me they were Green,Yellow,Blue,Red Short to long, but can't remember.

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    Our webbing is stored in a few different ways. All webbing is carried in daisy chain fashion. If done right, it is the easiest way to handle and store. We have (4)300' rope bags which are rope bags with 3 outside pockets. One pocket has a 50' anchor rope, the second one has prussics and webbing and the third ne has a good assortment of hardware. (4) 150' rope bags have one pocket with a small assortment of hard and software. Extra lengths are stored in a seperate spare webbing bag. Orange webbing is 25', green webbing is 40', blue webbing is 20' for use in stokes basket. this way we know by a glance what size the webbing is. Our truck will be at the Portland Vehicle Rescue Competition on May 2 (sunday) if you are interested in seeing our set up. (Its the white Mack with the orange stripe )

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