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    Default Use of Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

    How many folks have good cooperation with heavy tow truck operators? Do you have any type of formal agreement established for dispatch, fees, etc.? I think that tow trucks are a valid resource in several instances. What I wish to obtain is any type of written agreement for automatic dispatch, SOGs, etc. Does anyone furnish PPE or radio pagers for local operators?

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    Local community resources can be some of the most useful and valuable assets if you tap into them. We have a local Wrecker and recovery firm which has helped us out tremendously over the past few years. This company is above and beyond all other wrecker companies as far as capabilities and equipment. They have 3 one ton chassis wrecker trucks, 3 heavy duty wreckers, one large rollback, and a step van which transports the large low pressure air cushions. In addition, they have a road service truck, a case 580e backhoe, and an over the road wrecker/flatbed transporter in the making. All of the one ton chassis are 4x4, two have snow plows. The biggest wrecker is a tandem axle western star with a straight 3 section boom. Im not sure of capacities on these wreckers though. The air cushion truck contains more than enough bags to right a tractor trailer.
    If the need for these services arises, he has a 24 hour phone number and is contacted via the county communications system. They have been able to mobilize the entire fleet in less than 15 minutes previously. They have always been very willing to work with us on anything that we may need. We have utilized the backhoe for lifting and rigging classes as well as demolition of cars for auto extrication drills. The large wrecker is virtually a small hydraulic truck crane, except that it doesnt rotate side to side.
    The key is to establish a good relationship with these agencies and keep working together. We let these guys do their work as they would normally do, but we also work closeley during operations to ensure that the loads are centered, not shifting, and cribbed properly. We are not ever charged for services, its more of a give and take. If they are doing a night time recovery we will provide lighting assist as well as any other assistance that we may offer. They also do all the repair work on our vehicles. Like i said, if you establish a good working relationship, the possibilities are endless. Other avenues such as rental houses, heavy equipment dealers and contractors can be very handy to have at your disposal...especially when the big one hits and you need their resources

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    Sturbridge, Mass. has a heavy rescue trailer provided by a local businessman that runs the heavy wrecker service for that stretch of the Mass Pike.
    It's equipped with a Hurst Tool, generator & lights, Speedi-Dry, some basic hazmat gear, shovels, brooms, heavy duty nylon strapping,a bunch of hand toolss and even a desk with fire and State Police radios.
    Sturbridge Fire is free to use the unit on their own incidents (it can be towed by the Heavy Rescue truck). When the tow truck company has an overturned vehicle, they pick it up and use it as their command post/equipment unit on the scene.
    While the trailer and equipment is owned by the towing company, it's painted and marked like a Sturbridge Fire Dept. unit.
    Sturbridge used to have a nice internet site...but it seems to no longer exist

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    Thumbs up Heavy Duty Wreckers In The Fire Service

    I've Been In The Fire Service For 16 Yrs And A Member Of One Of The Largest Wrecker Services In The State Of Indiana. With My Fire And Wrecker Experience I Have Said For Many Years That There Is A Huge Need For Wreckers It Doesn't Matter If They Are Light Duty Or Heavy Duty. I Have Set Down And Thought Up Many Ways That Wreckers Of All Types Can Help In Extrication I.e. Roll Backs, Light, Medium And Heavy Duty Wreckers And Assistance Does Include But Not Limited To Auto Extrication!!!! If You Have Been In The Service For Any Length Of Time And Have Any Experience At All You Know As Well As I Do That If You Learn To Think Outside The Box And Keep Tunnel Vision To Minimum Then The Sky Is The Limit On Getting The Job Done Safely And Successfully. So My Advise To Everyone Is To Reserch Your Area For Your Local Logistic Resources And Get To Know Them And Train With Them So That When The Time Comes And Beleave Me That Time Will Come When You Need Help From An Outside Resource Then You And Them Will All Be Ready To Do The Job Efficiently, Safely And Without Inncident!!! I Just Wish I Could Email This Message To All The Depts. Across The World Or Open Everyones Eyes And Minds To This Because I Feel That This Would Benefit The Poeple That It Means The Most To!!!! (the Patients) And I Guarantee They Will Not Care If You Are A Fireman Or A Wrecker Operator Or A Lollypop Salesman As Long As They Are Rescued Efficiently And Safely!!!! So Brothers And Sisters I Leave You With This, Train Hard, Protect Each Other, Stay Low And Stay Safe!!!!!!! Thanks For Your Time Dan Nickel!!!

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