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    Default Suggestions for incorporating heavy tow trucks

    Following are some suggestions for rescuers who wish to incorporate heavy tow trucks into their rescue operations.

    1. Tour local tow operator's facilities.
    2. Inspect operator's eqt. Learn the capacities and capabilities of the eqt.
    3. Invite operator's to observe your vehicle rescue training sessions.
    4. Provide rescue training materials for
    operators to learn from (video, books)
    6. Learn about tow operator's training programs and certifications.
    7. Invite operators to critiques of past
    8. Provide operators with PPE they may need.
    9. Provide Blood-Borne Pathogen, first aid,
    CPR, and fire extinguisher training for
    tow operators.
    10. Work out a written agreement specifying
    tow truck response for rescues.
    11. Provide an alerting system (pager) for

    I hope these suggestions will help, as these resources are very useful in specialized rescue. Some large operators have trucks equipped with light towers, generators, air bags & tools, welding and cutting torches, and even hydraulic rescue tools.

    If you've got other suggestions, please post them.

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    We at Speedway Fire/Rescue have a wrecker service owner (and race car owner/ driver) come to our annual training, and we let him give us some insite as to his operaions, and capabilities, and in turn, he learns some of ours. (By the way, he donates some of the cars for our training too) Anyway, his biggest concern about Firefighters/ EMS personel, was the disposal of used gloves in the wreckage. You have to keep in mind that wrecker drivers don't get the same bloodborne pathogen training that we do, so they don't like to touch anything that may be contaminated.
    Just something to keep in mind. Stay safe!

    Roger Ellis, Capt. Speedway Fire/Rescue

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