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    Provide me with details of your "low angle rescue" kit. This would be common eqt. used to say--move a victim up a slope (not vertical).

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    We have done a few slope evacs, mainly from cars off of elevated highways or kids in the woods. We try to keep it simple and use 1 pre rigged system for vertical and horizontal use. Its based on a haulsafe system and we attach a gibbs to piggy back it if we need more than 50' of reach. The normal set up would be to anchor a rope that is used as a guide/body belay line first for access to the victim, this can be routed through a figure eight later and tied off to the stokes as a safety or a piggy back line. The Haulsafe is then anchored and either secured directly to the stokes, or using the gibbs, we piggy back it. We attach to the stokes with CMC low angle straps or the ladder hook extensions on our harnesses

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