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    FIREBUF162 Guest


    We are currently looking to replace our Caldo oxygen cutting torch . But we are not sure what type to replace it with. Also who makes them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..

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    e33 Guest


    Arcair makes the "Slice Pack" exothermic cutting torch. It is an oxygen fed torch. It is generally more advantageous to have this type of torch over a torch like an Oxy-Acetaline type. Their sped and the little amount of heat transfer make them very ideal for rescue situations.

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    billy Guest


    Check out the Najo torch as well. I've used the Arcair and am not too impressed. The Najo is less expensive too.

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    Halligan84 Guest


    Just received bids for a Najo (what we originally spec'd) and an Arcair Slice (which came in ALOT cheaper than we expected) Time to decide!

    The Slice seems to use ALOT more oxygen to cut. Higher pressure, bigger cylinders.. does that equate to faster cutting or the ability to cut thicker material? Distributor recommends buying 2 80 cu. ft. O2 cylinders. I also like the cordless striker on the Slice.

    The NAJO looks like it will do everything we want. How is it's O2 consumption and why are the rods so much more expensive? Does the NAJO cut as much and as fast as a Slice or better?

    Howbout a Primecut? someone bid one of those, its got a hoop wrapped O2 cylinder that you wear on your back and then works the same as the rest.. just under 2 grand though, so that is going to stretch what we have left in our budget.

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