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    How would your department handle an event such as the one in Witchata, KS? What resources would you call? What techniques would you use?

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    I presume you are refering to the Tornado Activity that occured, I am a K-9 S.A.R. dog handler with a S.A.R Team here in East Texas our dogs are specificly tained in Light Debris and Cadaver S.A.R. Our Fire Department is Part Of the County Disaster Response Team and Responds with our Rescue Vehicle. Our pre designated duties are to Search Vehicles and Structures and Utilize Hand and Power Extrication Technique to Remove Persons Easily Detected. Other Departments are designated to Fire Suppression,Heavy Rescue,E.M.S. Triage,Communications ect. We Drill two times a year and attend some training, The SAR dog aspect is one that I was involved in before moving to this area and before joining my current Department, We have only recently been added to the County Mutual Aid Plan and have obtained Mutual aid agreements with several Counties, Ther is a list of S.A.R. dog resourses at nasar.com and fema .gov The County Resourse List is Extensive however it clearly states that the Requesting Agency Will maintain I.C. over the Incident until The incident becomes to large for local command and control and at that time the County Emegency Manager shall Coordinate ALL resorces as needed, check your local and county plan if you have not already done so, we have a large county and so far have not needed to impliment the plan in full, and I hope that day does not come soon.

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