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Thread: cave rescue

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    Default cave rescue

    Who can recommend a source of information for cave rescue?

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    Use a search engine (I tried metacrawler.com)and search for "cave rescue." I found 41 hits; more sites than I had time to visit. Seems there are many very active Cave (and Mine) Rescue Teams and Organizations out there.

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    Howdy again billy, Have you tried N.A.S.A.R,I think they are at www.nasar.org, they have alot of info on specialzed rescue and training standards for cave/wilderness confined space. They can hook you up with a set of training standards too.

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    Here are some pages that might help you the fist is my cave rescue team's home page. http://www.angelfire.com/md/resqu/index.html
    You can find the other links listed below and some pics of some of the caves we've done.

    This is for N.A.S.A.R http://www.nasar.org /

    And this is for the Ntl Speleologic Society http://www.caves.org/defaultjs.htm

    Hope this helps.

    FF/EMT-B Paul Cullen
    United Steam Fire Eng. Co. 3
    Frederick MD.

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