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    billy Guest

    Default cave rescue

    Who can recommend a source of information for cave rescue?

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    Phred Guest


    Use a search engine (I tried search for "cave rescue." I found 41 hits; more sites than I had time to visit. Seems there are many very active Cave (and Mine) Rescue Teams and Organizations out there.

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    BURNSEMS Guest


    Howdy again billy, Have you tried N.A.S.A.R,I think they are at, they have alot of info on specialzed rescue and training standards for cave/wilderness confined space. They can hook you up with a set of training standards too.

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    FFtazUFC3 Guest


    Here are some pages that might help you the fist is my cave rescue team's home page.
    You can find the other links listed below and some pics of some of the caves we've done.

    This is for N.A.S.A.R /

    And this is for the Ntl Speleologic Society

    Hope this helps.

    FF/EMT-B Paul Cullen
    United Steam Fire Eng. Co. 3
    Frederick MD.

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