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    Default Well rescue techniques

    Given the recent Kansas well rescue, what techniques would your agency employ to effect a rescue. What specialized resources would you call for? Is there a nearby cave rescue team. Have you trained with them?

    Have you ever practiced this type of rescue? If so, what scenario did you set up?

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    Billy, I was one of the rescuers at the well. My suggestion to rescue teams around the world is to create a current list of resources including other emergency agencies, private contractors, and suppliers to list a few. You never know when you will utilize them or to what extent. Also train with them it is invaluable when you need them. As far as training for a well rescue we never did, trench yes but not well. I would suggest for you to use our scenario and I would hope that your outcome is a positive as ours was. Our thanks go to all who prayed for us and encourged us. That day all of our prayers were truely answered.

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