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    Is anyone aware of training for actual extrication of victims from aircraft? Not the "book learning" variety, however some good hands-on. If I find a source is anyone interested in hearing about it?

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    Are you talking about actual aircraft or mock-ups? For actual aircraft get with the local flying club at a small airport or the airlines if your near a larger one.

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    If your near a military installition they often have outreach training with local fire companies. I know we do at Willow Grove and also before special functions or air shows we go around the area with special info on aircraft operations. Check with your state fire academy also, some such as PA, have ARFF sessions. Don't forget local airport managers also. They would like to have fire departments in their patern more aware of aircraft layout.

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    Excellent suggestions, gentlemen. I was going to ask the same question, when I came across this posting. Thanks for the advice!

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    If anyone is interested, I've located a quality source for actual extrication (not firefighting) training for aircraft. For further info. please contact Mr. Charles Smith of FireTech at 336-786-4557. He has a full size coomuter craft that he moves about for firefighting and extrication training. The unit has both smoke and fire.

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