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    Default Rescue Rope?

    I need some information on lighted rescue line... If anyone has information on this type of line PLEASE e-mail me. The item that I am looking for was in a picture in Firehouse Magazine. It was in the March or April addition in a story about RIT's.


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    TEKRSQ Guest


    Lighted rescue rope? Bluewater rope makes a 1/2" rope with a reflective tracer (it's pretty cool at night). I believe it's called "Vis-mat" rope. Other than that I'm not sure.

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    Phred Guest


    The rope TekRsQ mentioned can be found on Pigeon Mountain's site: .
    Check the price -- it's not cheap.
    A night picture can be seen at ; then surf into the rope section.

    There are some companies that make externally powered, lighted, ropes, but I don't know of any that are rated for strength or life safety purposes.

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    tydon Guest



    Cool, saw the rope you mentioned, quite impressive to see!

    I don't think it would be worth the price.
    Like every thing else in safety and fire, they really make it expensive.


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    Nick Jackalone Guest


    Try going to They can answer any of your rope questions for you. They are very knowledgable.

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    Capt. Ed Guest


    American Safety and Rescue sells a rope that has a reflective tracer added to the sheath. We use this rope for night ops. It sells for $1.00/ft. Judging by the picture on Versales web page, the ASR rope is less visible, but it works for us.


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