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    Post Swiftwater Rescue Stories

    Anyone want to share tales of Floyd and the rescues/evacuations that were made? How many calls for assistance did you answer and how many victimes id you recover? Thanks folks, looking foward to some neat stories.

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    According to most, FLOYD was a flood in NC of "biblical porportions". Many ares of the state are still affected today. There will be countless stories of rescues, far too many to mention. One VFD had 23 out of 25 members lose their homes. Rescue agencies fro all over thestate were put to use, probably the largest mutual aid response ever in thie state. I'm proud to be a rescuer in the state, and see the cooperation among agncies. The people will forever be greatful to their rescuers.

    Would anyone please provide their SOG's and training materials for flood/swift-water rescue to me?
    Do you have any surplus water rescue gear for sale?

    Please email.

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