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    Post Truck Crew vs. Tech Rescue Is there a difference?

    We are starting a tech rescue team and administration would like to combine it with a dedicated truck crew. Has anyone had problems with this setup? Should the Tech Rescue Team be a stand alone team since there training is more specialized?

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    Hey man, first I would like to say that in a perfect world, truck crews would be able to do all kinds of tasks; Fireground SAR, Ladders,Utility control, Rescue, ladderpipes, etc. I know for alot of people that the train of thought is that the trucks get into a good bit of rope work. I also believe that in a perfect world the Rescue Squad or Rescue company could (or should)be able to do all of the above less the ladder work, but also add extrication, water rescue, Haz-Mat support etc. I believe that is only possible if you are talking about a truck company that is fully staffed 24 hrs. 7 days a week, with your most skilled people in your department. Another problem of allowing a dedicated truck crew to do this type of work, is the lack of space on thier apparatus. Now if the truck is supported by a "ladder tender" or (city service truck for you old farts), it may be possiple for a dedicated truck company to accomplish this. I do believe that truck companies and squad companies (rescue companies) make excellent support companies for this type of work, and usually will already be on the rescue assignment or dispatch in some parts of the country. Just my opinion...

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    Red face

    This post is in jest only..
    Trucks can't do tech resq because they don't do the job they are supposed to, laddering the buildings and venting...ha,ha

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    I would say Let Truckies do the Voo do they Do and Tech Resq do what they do, as with truck ops tech ops is a specialty, and in many cases both have to work at the Same Time at the Same Fire, if your truckies are Rescuein whos Truckin ????? Just my Opinon,, Train Other folks to Rescue, look at New York, Boston, Houston, all these cities have special elite Truck Companies and elite Rescue Company ops I do realise that your probably not as big as those mentioned but the therory works the Same.

    Here today for a Safer Tomorrow

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    It depends on your manpower requirements. Is there manpower available for a separate resuce company and truck company? As a volunteer, we have to do all the functions, engine, truck, rescue, first responder,etc. If you can separate the two and still maintain a good working relationship, then separate is the way to go. If you can only get a tech rescue group starting using the truck company, then I say combine it for now and do the best for the community.

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    Ok, for what its worth..now that i have a minute to reply...Sprcialized rescue is a very critical role. Trying to consolidate the team or shortchange by using a ladder co can be not so good. The operations that such a team is required to preform are sometimes very technical and risky..and demand lots of training and expertise. A dedicated rescue company is really the only way to go if you ask me. I knwo there are staffing issues in some places..but where do we draw the line and say that we are going to commit to good customer service..that means well trained and safe rescuers.

    If your dept cant staff such a team..thats ok..just as liong as you know who to call that can do it. My recommendation is to try to get a rescue compant to staff a rescue truck to accomplish this goal.

    Please font rake me for this..but i feel that theres not alot of room for shortcuts and frugalness.

    Good luck

    More / Bigger is better...most of the time!

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    Think about this. What is the role of the truck co on building fires? What is the role of the rescue co on building fires? In my Truck Company operations I & II classes I was thought that they for the most part have the same roles and are trained for the same roles. Incidentlly I was trained by a FDNY Captain and Battalion Chief.

    I guess I could be assuming something to and that is that your team is just rope rescue. If this is the case as far as I am concerned I say yes go ahead and put it on your truck companies they work with hieghts everyday and are used to it and besides there is a good chance they are going to be there anyway.

    Now if ti the team takes in collaspe and other things then maybe you want to think a little differant but, for just a rope rescue team I think it would be a good idea.

    You could break your team up as not to put the full wieght on the rescue or truck companies. Put some on the rescue company and some on the truck company jsut look at what would seemed to go with each of the companies better.

    Thinking is good Keep it up.


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    Thumbs up

    I agree with E33 on this one. As manpower and resources become strained we ask more and more from our companies. We certainly ask more from our truck company than other companies. We already have them doing forcible entry, rescue, ladder work, ventilation, and lastly master streams.

    Like the old addage "Jack of All Trades" and "Master of None" holds true here. We looked hard at a technical rescue crew within the department and decided it would not be possible from within. That's how our county Technical teams were formed. It has worked well so far.

    While many of the skills may be simular, in order for the firefighters to become "Master of the Trade" they need to be able to focus in one area.

    Be Safe,


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    Since your in Greeley, check with Aurora and West metro and see what they are doing even though they are bigger and have more manpower they have quite an impressive tech rescue program.

    When responding to Fires Aurora's Heavy Rescue 8 acts as the RIT team. Engine 8 also is part of the tech rescue team. There are anywhere from 8-12 FF's on board these 2 trucks but you can do with less.

    Check with Captain Scott Mills at Aurora, he can guide you as what you can do for sop's and taks.


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    In our area, both ways are done. In the city that I work for, we have 3 heavy squads, each with an area of expertise. 1 is water rescue, 2 is technical rescue, 3 is haz-mat. Each squad is trained to assist the other 2 at any of the three types of incidents. Of course, whoever's specialty it falls under is in charge. In addition, the engine co. housed with each squad is cross trained in that particular specialty.
    In our bordering counties, their "squads" are actually engine companies that have a second piece of apparatus as their specialty piece. It only runs if it is needed. Also, the ladder companies housed with them are cross trained.
    Both systems seem to work equally well.
    Basically, everyone knows that any type of "specialized" incident requires more people than can be carried on 1 or 2 pieces of apparatus so it's essential to have others trained atleast to the ops level so they can be of some help at an incident without the "team" members having to stand over their shoulder to explain how everything is done.

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