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    Post CS Horizontal rescues

    What eqt. do you pre-rig for evacuating victims horizotally from confined spaces? Is you rigging situation dependent, or possibly pre-rigged?

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    We deploy a simple 2:1 mechanical advantage attached to a skippy board. If the load is significant we deploy a simple 3:1 mechanical advantage. An additional tagline is included with this package. All lifelines are 1/2" kernmantle.

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    Nothing pre-rigged. The most unusual horizontal confine space rescue was from
    the inside of a hollow steel box bridge support beam. It had bulkheads at each section joint with oblong holes cut in them. They look like the openings in a ship bulkhead, only without doors. A stokes would not fit through them. A full backboard was used and the patient and board had to be turned on the side to go through the bulkhead holes. It didn't take very long after that job to get a Sked stretcher.

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