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    Post "hasty" harnesses

    What type of "hasty" harness do you tie/use for emergent rescue use?

    What is used for the harness? Can you validate it with previous use?

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    I took a 15' piece of 1" tubular webbing and made a loop with it, using a water knot. With the knot centered in my back I reach down and pull the bottom of the loop up through my legs. With my arms inside the webbing, I pull it through itself and clip it with a carabeener. This is a quick way to make a seat. I keep the loop of webbing in my escape pack...just in case.

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    We use 2" webbing since it is suggested that harnesses be made of such in the 1983 std. A full body version of the hasty is made by draping the web over the shoulder, bringing a bight up between the legs and connecting all three pieces by wrapping them with the excess tail and finishing off with a half hitch.

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    I'd love to get some discussion going as to the need for 2" webbing for making a "hasty Harness". NFPA 1983 is designed to be used as a guide for manufacturers for making and testing "NFPA compliant" sewn harnesses. NFPA 1983 does not, in any way, approve or reference "home made" or emergency harnesses. I admit that a harness made of 2" webbing may be more comfortable than 1" if you are going to hang in it for some time, but I believe that 1" webbing is more versatile and much easier to carry and use.

    What are some other opinions????

    Lt. Tom Finch
    Union Colony Fire/Rescue Authority Greeley, CO

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    well..our agency has trained using 2". This is not to say that we would not use 1". Isnt comfort still a consideration..esp if the pt will be "on rope" for any duration of time. I am aware that there is no provision for such systems in 1983..but you cannot have a rescue harness that is made of less than 2"..shouldnt we do the same for our victims?

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