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    Question Structural collapse rescue

    Does anyone know of a college or trade school that offers instruction in structural collapse or urban rescue? Maybe someone on the East Coast can shed some light on where VA-TF Teams get their Structural Specialist training.

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    Mr Freeze, Texas A&M has a Rescue Systems I & II Class every Quarter, These are NFA Approved and FEMA USAR approved,Look at www.nasar.org this site has a few area that give special Classes, These Classes are usualy Hard to get into and Fill very Fast, Contact the National Fire Academy for a List of Classes and Places of Instruction, another Place is www.SRDR.com this site some times has usefull information on Structural Collapse Classes, Hope this Helps

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    Virginia Division of Fire programs offers training I believe. Also www.specrescue.com offeres supreme training.

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    Red Rocks Community College in Denver has a full Tech Rescue program consisting of 4 classes on weekends a semester.

    These include collapse, extrication, trench, confined space and rope rescue as well as ice and underwater rescue.

    The courses are taught by members of the Colorado Urban Search and Rescue Task Force COTF-1. They make up the heavy rescues from Denver, Aurora, West Metro, South Metro, North Washington and Colorado Springs FD's.


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    I don't know VA-TF got their training from but there is Maryland Fire Rescue Institute in Maryland. We had them come up to NJ to Refinery to do a class. Real Good. We had several mutual aid depts. there as well as one or two from out of state. There is also a company by the name of S.T.A.R.T. that teaches a Structural Collapse Rescue class.
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    Default Structural Collapse

    Here's a link to FEMA's web page where you can download the Structural Collapse Technician Course - Student Manual this is what all the FEMA USAR Team members are trained to as a minimum. It's in PDF format so you need adobe acrobat reader.


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    I took a Structural Collapse class in the summer of 2000. Excellent class, with great instructors. The company was PRISM they are located in Midlothian Va. Give them a call at 1-800-977-7476.

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    Default TRCI

    Technical Rescue Consultants also does a great job. They are based in NC. 336.766.6075 or via email at rescuetraining@mindspring.com. They teach all types of technical rescue - great hands on training.
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