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    Thumbs up Basic Ropes Tutorial

    I've put together a basic ropes tutorial/review for the computer, and I want to know if this a new/unique and usuable product. It has both text and pictures in a step-by-step instruction manner. The goal is to allow someone to refresh their memory on basic knots (Figure 8, Double Fig 8, Fig 8 Follow Through, Water Knot, Square Knot, Bowlin, CLove Hitch, Split-Locking Clove Hitch). I want to distribute it as a training aid, but not if this already exists somewhere else.

    Please, THIS IS NOT SPAM--just a request for information. Please respond here or email me at jamcmullan@yahoo.com. I'm looking for knowledgable people to review/critique/edit this tutorial.

    Jason McMullan
    North Meck Rescue Squad (NC)

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    Capt. Ed
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    Hi Jason. I am the high angle rope rescue instructor here at my fire district. A computer program that allows someone to either learn or refresh their knowledge of knots is a good thing, as long as the student realizes that actual practice with a rope is also needed. When I teach my classes, every student gets a handout with all the knots pictured, and then they practice them until they are proficient. A question I have about your program is this: Does the program allow animated motion or video to show the procedures and steps in tying the knots? I believe that would be a plus over just looking at a picture. Thanks for letting put my 2 cents worth in. Keep up the good work.


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    I do have plans for 10-second video clips to be added.... I just don't have access to that camera yet. What I have now are the basics, and the rest is just icing (in my eyes). I have already had several volunteers to review this, but will include you if you'll e-mail me your address. Thank you for your time and interest.

    Jason McMullan
    North Meck Vol. Rescue Squad

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    Hi Jason!
    although I'm not sure if such a program exists, I'm sure it would go over very well. I am currently going through a very basic high angle rescue course and most definitely believe anything with pictures and maybe some animation in the tying of the knots would be extremely useful for anyone just starting out in the field in addition to being a refresher!!

    Jamie T. NREMT-I

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